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With a Trace

With a Trace

I can't believe TNNA was only about a month ago.  So much has happened, and it's all good stuff.  One of our prime mission objectives was to take the plunge into the fabulous world of Shibui, which we did.  As I said in the last newsletter, I've spent a fair amount of time in the past kind of drooling over this line. It's such a beautiful aesthetic, with its clean lines and luxurious fibers, and now that we've committed, I couldn't be happier.  Shibui is about forever sweaters.  There is a very modern edge to their designs, but they remain timeless and elegant.  Everyone who has seen the trunk show has commented on this aspect.

Mary and Ginni and I each fell for a different design from the fall line - Mary is in love with Truss, a flattering turtleneck tunic,

Shibui Truss

and Ginni picked Inscribe, an easy-fitting v-neck pullover.

I was all about Trace, this beautiful oversized pullover with ribbed trim at the sides and hem.  Of course, this model is tiny tiny tiny, so there's a lot more ease in the garment on her than there will be on me, but I'm super excited about it anyway.

The original yarn for this design was a baby alpaca that has since been discontinued, and they've reworked the pattern for Maai.  the original yarn was nice, but to be truthful, I'm really glad for the change. While Maai is also primarily baby alpaca, it's spun to have lots more bounce than the original yarn.  That spin also makes Maai much lighter and easier to wear.  It's a joy to knit, and my Addi Turbos glide through the stitches with no problem at all.  

I've been working on Trace for a little over a month now, and am on the home stretch.  I can honestly say that I'm even more in love with it than when I started.  Although it's a large sweater, and I'm making the second size, it's going really fast.   Just one last sleeve to knit.

Saturday I gave it a good steam blocking which flattened out the edges and accentuate the softness of the Maai against the crispness of the Pebble/Cima trim.  Everything about this sweater is just lovely, and I can hardly wait to wear it.  I may just turn the air conditioning down to 65 degrees or so, just so I can.  Who could blame me?  

The Shibui Trunk Show is here through the August 13th.  Stop in and see it.  

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Fun stuff coming and mystery KAL happening

Fun stuff coming and mystery KAL happening

Whew!  It was a fun and exciting time at TNNA.  We came, we saw, and we conquered!  Truly, it's an overwhelming time, but we had a plan, and we got SO much great new stuff for you! Brand new yarn from companies we already love like Stacy Charles, Malabrigo, Berroco, Lang, Manos, and more.  We also ordered beautiful yarns from companies that are new to us - Shibui, Dancing Leaf, Ewe Ewe Yarns, and even Freia Yarns (bypassing the two-year waiting list for new accounts). 

Freia Yarns

We are on board with several trunk shows, and we have so many wonderful events planned. Just being at TNNA really inspires and energizes me!  I will have lots and lots of pictures to share with you as soon as we can pull them all together - we were all snapping shots at the same time - so much fun. 

In the mean time, we have tons of fun things happening right now that you don't want to miss.  Be sure to sign up for the mystery knitalong and choose your beautiful colors of Pima Kuri.  This is a fun fast project - don't miss out on the fun!

I look forward to seeing you in the shop and around the table - you are always welcome here!

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Going to TNNA this Saturday

Going to TNNA this Saturday

The shop will be closed this weekend while Ginni, Mary, Antonella and I are at TNNA.  TNNA is the national trade show for all things yarn.  Distributors, manufacturers, and designers bring their new stuff to dazzle shop owners.  And dazzle us they do.  Each company's booth overflows with yarn, sample garments and more.  The larger companies have huge spaces some stretching across 8 or 10 booths. 

Their displays are like static fashion shows creating a particular mood and highlighting their fashion story for the season.  I always like to see what's glittering at Tahki Stacy Charles and Prism Yarns.  Smaller companies with single booths manage to create unique and inviting spaces with a carefully branded color scheme and tiny treats to lure us in.


At TNNA we get to talk with the industry professionals.  We can hear directly from Warren Wheelock at Berroco about a particular fiber blend, or from Louisa Harding about design inspirations.  Face to face, you can make a connection, and that's really important to me.  At TNNA I like to find ways to collaborate and make plans together - fun things for you like the visit to Stacy Charles' facility at our retreat this year!  We'll be on the lookout for other great opportunities to share with you. 

TNNA is also the place that we identify trends.  It's overwhelming to try and take in everything that everyone is offering, but it's also the way to see what's happening overall.  If all the vendors are showing a particular weight of yarn or color, or a particular style of garment, we take note.  Those trends would be much harder to spot by looking only at yarns and patterns from the reps I see in the shop.  Trend-spotting is more than just fun -- it's important to us as a shop, and to you as a customer.  My vision for Crazy for Ewe back in 2004 was to find the yarns, designs, and trends that you would see in much larger metropolitan areas, and bring them here to you.  So, remember that we're closed this Saturday, June 11, while we look for new things to thrill and delight you.  I can't wait to share with you what we find this weekend!   

I look forward to seeing you in the shop and around the table - you are always welcome here!


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TNNA 2015 Day 2

I can't believe it's been a week since we were in Ohio!  So much to tell you and so little time to write it all down!  So, Sunday, we started the day with a private appointment with beautiful Christine at the Tahki Stacy Charles booth.  It felt so special to be in the showroom before the doors opened.  Ginni and Mary and I started in by trying on all their glamorous samples!  Of course, the sparkly ones caught our attention first. 

Ginni in sparkly bolero

There were so many, and of course, we had to try them all!  There are lots of pictures from that morning - and throughout the day.  I've posted a few of them all in Dropbox as well as a few on Instagram, in case you want to see us having fun and being silly.

There are two sweaters that we all fell in love with, and I do want to share those with you.  First is this gorgeous cabled pullover.  

It's made of Lena, a heavy worsted weight yarn, but because of the way Lena's spun, 200 yards feels like nothing at all.  I have a skein of it at the shop for you to feel.  Totally gorgeous.  We bought it in all the colors.  The sample is a size small, of course, but we were all happy with the shape and styling.  The open work makes it very accommodating.  I will probably knit the next size up, and make it a smidge longer for a casual and comfortable look. 

We bought lots of fun sparkly yarns too - they happen to coordinate beautifully with the Lena, so I am imagining a few fun ways to work them together.

Another yarn we bought was a beautiful wool and cotton blend for this g.  It's so cozy - perfect for transitional weather.  We all loved the modern look of this sample pullover that's slightly longer in back. 

We ended up spending much longer than our allotted appointment time, but it was worth it.  I can't wait to show you everything we got for you.

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Also on day 1 at TNNA

One very cool thing I didn't tell you about that we did on Saturday was visit Prism Yarns.  Prism has an absolutely dazzling booth full of color and texture and sparkle.  Prism is about luxury and color.  Owner, Laura Bryant is a talented studio artist as well as fiber artist.  Her understanding of color value, proportion, and balance mean that she's one of the very few fiber artists who can create a beautiful yarn that's wildly multicolored but not the least bit garish.  Here are just a few of her gorgeous colors.


Prism has so many yarns and colors that it can be overwhelming -- even to us.  Laura graciously offered to send us a trunk show with the samples we most coveted and the yarns to make them.  I am just thrilled to have the opportunity to share these yarns with you, especially in the context of the garments and accessories you can create with them.  Look for that this November First Friday - in time to do something beautiful and glamorous for the holidays.  Mark your calendar for Friday, November 6th, because this is a trunk show you do not want to miss.


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TNNA report - Day 1

Back from TNNA in Columbus. We hit the ground running Saturday morning and really didn't stop until late Sunday afternoon. In less than 48 hours we managed to see hundreds of booths and meet with dozens of vendors.

Our first stop was at the Westminster booth to meet Arne and Carlos. Well, not really, but they did have these cool life-sized cutouts.


Ginni and Mary are their new best friends. I posted that photo on Instagram to be entered to win a suitcase full of beautiful new Arne and Carlos sock yarn. I hope we win, but in case we don't I ordered a boatload of their gorgeous new self-patterning colorways they're doing in Regia Sock Yarn.

Then we hopped over to the Rowan booth. I wanted to see their new Alpaca Merino dk knit up. It is so soft and lovely.A little like Lima, but lighter weight. I love the angled cable on this sweater that gives you the perfect amount of waist shaping.

We have that yarn coming in 10 beautiful colors.

Next we were on to see Amy Herzog, whose new book Knit, Wear, Love is all about patterns that flatter your body shape and proportions. I consistently choose Amy's patterns because we think alike. Classic construction with set-in sleeves, shoulder shaping, and side seams. This method will always give you the most flattering and most well-fitting sweater. I've ordered her books, and I'm excited to announce that Crazy for Ewe will be one of the stores where you can have the full Amy Herzog custom fit pattern design ensuring a perfect fit every time without all the math! I'll be talking more about that later on. Super exciting!

This is the first year the vendors at the show have been allowed to offer cash and carry - and boy, did we have fun with that! We picked up some beautiful creative shawl pins for you - but just one in every color, so you'll want to grab the ones you like before anyone else does!  Same with Anzula Fibers - we picked up just one skein each of several colors in Cloud, their light fingering weight merino cashmere blend put up in a generous 575-yard hank. Everyone say, "Mmmmmmm." Yeah.

We stopped by Blue Heron Yarns' booth and firmed up plans for that trunk show this month - I hope it's already on your calendar - June 19 and 20 - just around the corner!

We passed dozens of other booths with all manner of yarn and such. Manos del Uruguay has some new colors in our favorite Silk Blend, so of course, we had to order some of that. We perused dozens of other booths that day, and visited some of our vendors just to say hi and see their displays which really are a work of art. In some, it's like entering a magical tent where reality leaves you behind, and you're immersed in that company's brand. In others, it's a more straightforward display of wares. You can guess which ones are the most fun!

Anyway, we ended that first day in the book section to see if there were any new gems. When they announced the closing of the show floor, Ginni, Mary, and I were more than a little ready for The Drury's complimentary margaritas. How we do suffer...

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We're off to TNNA this morning

Don't forget -- Crazy for Ewe is closed Saturday, May 30.  Ginni, Mary, and I are off to find the most beautiful yarns, coolest accessories and best designs for you.  See you Tuesday, June 2nd.  We'll have lots of news to share with you! 

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