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Tahki Stacy Charles Weekly Blast

Tahki Stacy Charles Weekly Blast

Hey, did you see the weekly blast from Tahki Stacy Charles?  In case you missed it this week, here's a link to it.  I was so honored when Stacy asked Crazy for Ewe to participate! The garments this week are all worked in the cotton/linen blend yarn, Aruba.  The featured project is the Centerpoint Cropped Poncho which is right in line with my thoughts in this week's newsletter about fabulous fibers and simple shapes.  

If you're not getting the Tahki Stacy Charles weekly blast delivered, sign up for it here on their website.  They usually showcase one of their stylish  patterns and look at a fashion trend that inspired it.  This week they look at cropped tops and how you can access the trend whether you want to bare skin or not.  I'm in the "not" crowd, but a wide, cropped shape can be very flattering on a wide variety of shapes.  Take a look at the Centerpoint Cropped Poncho to see what I mean.  

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Ripple Trunk Show

Ripple Trunk Show

The Ripple from Tahki Stacy Charles is coming next week.  I cannot wait.  You probably saw in last week's newsletter that we're doing a class on Remsen, a stunning twist front top that flatters every figure.  Stacy and I were talking about Remsen, and he said that he would also pull together a trunk show of other garments featuring Ripple.  I checked on Ravelry to see the garments he was sending, and they all looked nice.

It's really hard to capture the beauty of hand knits in a photograph.  As I said, the garments on Ravelry looked nice.  So, I was expecting nice.  What arrived was so much more than nice.  It was fabulous.  I was blown away by how beautiful the garments in the trunk show actually are.  The fabric you can create with Ripple is just amazing -- light and textural and lovely.  I can see why Eileen Fisher bought it for her spring line too. 

Here are a few highlights.

The Philadelphia Duster is a long open cardigan with a deep pleat in the back that gives it a very flattering silhouette.  

Ginni and I both tried on and liked the Boston Pullover

This simple three quarter sleeved pullover has a contrasting stripe up the sleeve and at the neckline.  Really smart and comfortable -- good length on both the body and the sleeve. I like our sample which is worked in the cream colored Ripple.  

 Another fun one is Post Card.

It's worked by picking up stitches log-cabin style, so you don't have to seam all those little pieces.  It's a fun garment.  We all agreed that maybe the sleeves could be a little longer, but a playful knit.  

There are several others, but these are my favorites.  Come see the garments - try them on pick up your favorite colors of Ripple before it's sold out again!  

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Meeting Stacy Charles

Meeting Stacy Charles

Stacy Charles and the Crazy for Ewe Retreat 2016

This weekend Crazy for Ewe retreaters had the opportunity to visit the Tahki Stacy Charles facility and meet Stacy and some of his team.  I first met Stacy several years ago at TNNA.  I was just one of the many LYS owners he saw during those events, but as crazy busy as his booth was, he always took the time to chat with me and seemed genuinely interested in me and my shop.  He is an honestly nice person, and at our visit with him Saturday, he was warm and approachable and fully engaged with our group.  It's easy to see why I like him so much. What really struck me this weekend though, is that Stacy is a small business owner, just like me.  His full time staff is just 6 people.  And while he manages many times the dollars that I do, our concerns are the same:  Will my customers like this product?  What patterns are going to make the  most of this fiber? Is this a reasonable price for this product?  

In other words, we're both always asking ourselves, "Should I bring in this yarn, and if so, how should I market it?"  Stacy and I are on the same team.  We both want to bring beautiful, quality yarns to our customers, and we want to give current, on-trend answers to the question, "What should I make with this yarn?"  I love that.  It's wonderful partnering with another small business owner who shares my goals.   

Also, we have the same vision on where hand-knitting fits in the world.  Stacy made a comment that underscored what I've been saying for years. -- hand-knitting is part of the fashion industry.  It makes me crazy to be lumped in the arts and crafts store category.  Crazy for Ewe is not Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  Today's knitter is making things she (or he) wants to wear - things that follow what we see in magazines -- current looks that make a fashion statement and reflect their personal style. One of the standout projects from Saturday was this poncho. 

Long Beach Poncho Top Tahki Stacy Charles Crazy for Ewe

It's from the Tahki line, which Stacy said is all about American style and echoes American designers like Eileen Fisher.  He mentioned that the yarn used in that project is exactly the same yarn that Eileen Fisher used for a similar garment in her ready-to-wear line.  Same yarn, from the same mill.  Same.  Generally, I don't think of knitting as a way to save money, but for Eileen Fisher, Ralph Lauren, and other premier designer lines, it totally is. 

Colors and textures play a big role across the Tahki Stacy Charles lines.  One of the hallmarks of his yarns is a coordinated palette of beautiful high-end Italian novelty yarns.  These sparkly or textural fibers are what take your project to wow. After the presentation, one of the attendees said, "Stacy's yarns make me remember why I love to knit."  Playing with colors and textures is fun, and these fibers make it easy to create something beautiful and unique where fashion meets original art.

I could go on and on about the our day with Stacy, his warm and genuine welcome, his terrific team, and his beautiful yarns, but we'd both rather have you come enjoy his beautiful fibers.  So do.  Stop in and get started on a fashion piece that's uniquely you. Continue reading

Giotto Top

Giotto Top

We all fell in love with Solare, last winter, a new yarn from the Tahki Stacy Charles line.  Solare is a cotton blend with a great nubby texture.  It knits up into a beautiful fabric so even a simple knit looks terrific. 

In fact, it looks best in simple shapes, like this top worked in two colors of Solare.

The design is called Giotto, and it showcases the current color blocking trend in a simple flattering silhouette lets the yarn take center stage.  I was thinking I should knit one up when our shop sample arrived this week.  I couldn't help trying it on.  The pattern photo styling is great - a little bit dressy with a nice skirt or slacks - but this top is also something you can dress down and wear with jeans.  I'm not a big fan of selfies,  but I really want to show you how cute it looks with jeans too.

I was thinking you could wear it as a layering piece, either over a white cotton blouse, or under a jacket.  It's a quick knit and takes just 8 skeins of Solare.  Choose either light and dark blue or classic black and white.  We have it available as a kit on line, or you can stop by the shop to see the top in person get started on yours right away. But don't wait, because this yarn will not last long! 

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